Innovative energy systems


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Apryl Energy Group are dedicated to the carbon neutral, renewable based energy systems.
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MW of developed
renewable energy capacit

188 000

MWh generated
renewable energy

87 000

Supplied households with
100% renewable energy

65 000

tons of CO2


Full-scale Planning, development and operation of solar power plants

We help in the full scale development of energy efficiency projects. Ask for the customized offer.

Energy of the future

Sustainable energy systems requires innovative and most modern solutions.

Apryl Energy Group innováció Optimization Electricity producer and consumer side optimization. Independent aggregator and microgrid development. Apryl Energy Group energiatárolás Energy storage The most efficient way to store the energy is to transform it to hydrogen.

Our holding is committed in the development of the most efficient energy storage projects. In order the successful project development we seek the opportunities for combined and efficient projects.
Apryl Energy Group informatika Integrated information technology solutions We utilize the latest and most innovative IT technologies and solutions in order to exploit the potential of renewable energies in production and utilization.


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APRYL Energy


APRYL ENERGY Group is a group of Hungarian entrepreneurial companies, founded and run by experienced experts with decades of management experience and a proven track record of successful project implementation.

As a result of our sustainable and responsible business policy our mission, besides the value creation for our partners is to develop the sustainable, carbon neutral energy systems of the future. Being an active player in transforming the energy industry we give forward thinking answers to the challenges of the climate change and future energy systems.

We constantly seek new opportunities and looking for the most current technologies in the field of renewable energies and energy innovation to become a leading energy company in Central and Eastern Europe.We are developing a sustainable, decentralized renewable energy portfolio by introducing innovative energy efficiency technologies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our partners

In order to transform the future we develop long-term cooperations with our partners, based on cooperation and communication.


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